Professor Brad Inwood

Professor Brad Inwood

Award of Excellence 2010 recipient

Northrop Frye Award (Individual)

Professor Inwood has inspired several generations of students to discover the riches of ancient Greek and Roman thought. Undergraduate students at U of T have benefited for more than 25 years because of his brilliance and understanding. He is a professor of Classics and Philosophy at U of T and the Canada Research Chair in Ancient Philosophy.

His foundation of the Collaborative Program in Ancient and Medieval Philosophy (CPAMP) in 1992 has helped place U of T among the top doctoral programs in both ancient and medieval philosophy and the only one which integrates the two fields. In his own research Inwood is best known for his work on philosophy in the pre-Socratic and Hellenistic periods.

Professor Inwood's scholarship places U of T on the map, attracting the brightest graduate students to the campus, but he devotes equal attention to his undergraduates. His students at all levels admire and respect not only his research but his willingness to spend time with them. Former student Joanna Langille says “Professor Inwood had a significant influence on my intellectual development. The fact that he helped me to be a more careful, respectful thinker – even in an academic discipline far from his own – is a testament to his excellence as a teacher, researcher and scholar.”

Professor Inwood is the author of three groundbreaking books – Ethics and Human Action in Early Stoicism, the Poem of Empedocles and Reading Seneca: Stoic Philosophy at Rome. He has edited or co-edited four volumes of essays and published more than 40 scholarly papers.

He was appointed a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada in 1994; was a Fellow at the American National Humanities Centre in 1995-96 and at Stanford's prestigious Center for Advanced Studies in the Behavioural Sciences in 2004-05. He became a university professor in 2007.