Prof. David Zingg

Prof. David Zingg

Award of Excellence 2009 recipient

Faculty Award

David Zingg enjoys an outstanding reputation as an innovative and inspiring educator, an excellent communicator and a prolific and influential scientist who has made seminal contributions to computational fluid dynamics, aerodynamic shape optimization and the development of algorithms for aircraft design.

With a reputation for sustained excellence in teaching, undergraduate and graduate thesis supervision, research and service to the Institute for Aerospace Studies (IAS) and the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering, Professor Zingg is internationally known and respected. A regular guest speaker at conferences around the world, he holds the Canada Research Chair in Computational Aerodynamics at the IAS and is a fellow of the Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute and an associate fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. He has published many influential papers and was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship in 2004.

Throughout his career Professor Zingg has collaborated with Canadian aerospace companies, including Bombardier Aerospace and Pratt and Whitney Canada and has been a regular and frequent collaborator with colleagues at NASA's Ames Research Center in Moffett Field CA. Algorithms for aerodynamic design developed by Professor Zingg have been used extensively by Bombardier for many years. A valued colleague and mentor and a patient and helpful supervisor, he is the author of an acclaimed textbook on computational fluid dynamics.

Professor Zingg has led the formation and implementation of research programs to develop aircraft that operate with a reduced environmental impact. Recently he organized an International Workshop on Aviation and Climate Change that included many leaders in this burgeoning field. He is a member of the Canadian Aviation and Environment Working Group and sits on the board of directors of the Green Aviation Research and Development Network.

With a long and distinguished record of service to the University and IAS, he has overseen the rapid growth in the number of graduate students at the Institute, has developed several key courses in aerospace studies, and is consistently highly rated by students for his teaching.