A'Garous, Seoren
Seoren, co-founder of the Etiquette Club, served as crisis management officer at the North American Model United Nations in 2013.
Sara is president of the Graduate Student Association and senior representative to the Centre for Interprofessional Education.
Adnan, Sarah
Sarah is president of the UTM Student Management Association and co-founder of the campus TED talks program.
Al-Dajane, Hani
Hani has been active in residence life as an Energy Exchange Peer Leader and co-founder for E-Venture, an entrepreneurial program aimed to foster inn...
Phillip is a former president of the Music Graduate Students' Association. He continues to serve on its executive as jazz studies representative.
Christina is secretary of the Graduate Student Association and the master’s student representative on Faculty Council.
Ameri, Afshin
Afshin, co-president of Students Fighting Cancer, represented the Engineering Society on the Faculty Curriculum Committee.
Anderson, Tyrenny
Tyrenny was coordinator of Rotman’s United Way auction and a board member of both Women of Influence and the Young Directors Institute.
Angelopoulos, Penelope
Penelope co-chaired the 2013 Munk Graduate Student Conference. She currently serves as the student representative for a Munk School faculty search co...
Aryasinghe, Sarindi
Sarindi is leader of the University of Toronto International Health Program and a director of HEPENS, a Ghanaian non-profit organization.
David sits on the Law Society of Upper Canada’s Equity Advisory Group and is a student representative for Eastern Canada to the Indigenous Bar Associ...
Melissa was head of arts at Trinity College and communications director for the University of Toronto Model Parliament.
Benard, Townsend
Townsend has served as co-chair of both the Varsity Athletics Board and the Council for Athletics and Recreation.
Berger, Faryn
Faryn is president of the Toronto chapter of Alpha Omega, the world’s oldest international dental fraternity. She volunteers for Out of the Cold and ...
Andriy served on the Woodsworth College Council, the Faculty of Arts & Science Committee on Teaching and Learning, and as a volunteer note-taker for ...
Bogdanova, Paulina
Paulina served on the committee to elect the Trinity provost and is a contributor to the Trinity College Volunteer Society.
Anastasia, co-president of the Laboratory Medicine & Pathobiology Student Union, was senior editor of the Journal of Undergraduate Life Sciences. She...
Robyn, president of the Museum Studies Student Association, volunteered for the ROM’s Ronald McDonald House outreach program.
Brasg, Ian
Ian, class co-president for four years in a row, served on the executive of the Canadian Federation of Medical Students.
Brathwaite, Shakira
Shakira is co-president of the Neuroscience Association for Undergraduate Students and an Out of the Cold program volunteer.
Bredin, Catherine
Catherine is a mentor and academic peer. She also serves as liturgical coordinator for the St. Michael’s College Campus Ministry.
Bruce, Heather Violet
Heather co-chaired the International Development Conference in 2012 and is a mentor to first-year International Development students.
Bukhari, Zerzar
Zerzar, president of the Muslim Students’ Association, is director of strategy for the Muslim Chaplaincy.
Bursey, Lauren
Lauren volunteered for both Canadian Lawyers for International Human Rights and Humanities for Humanity.
Caldi, Hope Evelyn
Hope was the student coordinator for the Minding Our Minds mental health conference and a news writer for the Varsity.
Chakraborty, Rebecca
Rebecca is the senior representative to the Graduate Students’ Union and clinical representative on the Masters of Nursing curriculum committee.
Audrey co-chaired the 2013 LIVE national business competition. She also volunteered as a rural education analyst in Gujarat, India.
Kenny, president of Students for Optimizing and Advocating Pharmacy Endeavours, is also student board member for the Ontario Pharmacists Association.
Chan, Kathleen
Kathleen volunteered with Evergreen. She also founded The Marketing Group, which boasts more than 500 student members.
Chang, Maegan
Maegan is a former vice-president, communications of the Engineering Society and vice-chair of the Ontario Engineering Competition.
Chau, Lucy Ching
Lucy held several elected positions with the Immunology Students’ Association, including president. She was also lead organizer of the Ontario-Quebec...
Freddy, former vice-president of the Engineering Society, is director of business development for the You’re Next Career Network.
Chen, Yefan
Yefan, programming don of Innis College residence, worked as a peer mentor for first-year students.
Chen, Andy
Andy was chair of the 2012 Ontario Engineering Competition and co-founder of You’re Next Experience at You’re Next Career Network.
Chen, Chuck
Chuck was co-president of the Nutritional Sciences Graduate Students’ Association. He is a founding member of the Department of Nutritional Sciences ...
Christina volunteered with Community on Campus in support of people with intellectual disabilities. She is an executive with UTM International Humani...
Chow, Kevin D.N.
Kevin was president of the Undergraduate Pharmacy Society. He also served on the executive of the Ontario Pharmacy Student Integrative Summit.
Chu, Benjamin
Benjamin was Co-Chair and Lead Fundraiser for the Dalla Lana Healthy Toronto Conference and a Graduate student representative for the Public Health S...
Chuang, Laura
Laura is treasurer of the Master of Information Student Council and finance coordinator of the Sexual Education Centre.
Connoy, Alexander Blake
Blake, vice-president internal of the Graduate Business Council, is an upper-year buddy and captain of the Rotman men’s soccer team.
Crase, Benjamin Morgan
Benjamin is head of college at Trinity and conference coordinator for the International Relations Society.
Cuizon, Carmelle Fatima
Carmelle, co-sponsorship chair of the New College reNEW Leadership Conference, was director of education and philanthropy on the New College ...
D'Alessandro, Danielle Emma Louise
Danielle is co-president of the Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy Student Association. She has also worked with young adults with autism...
Dalmacio, Monika
Monika is president of the Nursing Undergraduate Society and student representative on Faculty Council.
Danielak, Michael N.
Michael served on the Faculty of Dentistry Undergraduate Education Committee for three years and sits on the executive of the University of Toronto U...
Darren, Benedict
Benedict, co-president of the Laboratory Medicine & Pathobiology Student Union, was the primary organizer of the University of Toronto Confer...
Darshan, Precia
Precia co-chaired the LIVE national business conference and served as a representative to the Management & Economics Students’ Association.
De Silva, Shehan
Shehan was the part-time sports director of the Graduate Business Council and represented Rotman at the Canadian MBA Leadership Conference in 2011.
Stephanie, an epidemiology class representative to the Public Health Students’ Association, organized the John Snow 200th birthday bash.
Dineley, Lauren
Lauren worked for the Victoria College Drama Society and served on the Board of Regents.
Dixon, Page
Page is the wellness representative on the Nursing Undergraduate Society and has organized numerous activities such as the Wellness Fair, Yoga Cl...
Djinnit, Nadia
Nadia was a Woodsworth orientation leader for three years. She was also a member of the U of T chapter of the United Nations Development Program.
Dobson, Wendy
Wendy co-founded the Lived Experience Working Group. She has volunteered with the Daily Bread Food Bank and other groups.
Emmons, Danielle
Danielle was aquatics survival counsellor for the faculty’s Outdoor Project courses. She was also the KPE representative to the University of Toronto...
Eng, Lawson
Lawson is a guest instructor with the Royal Canadian Air Cadets. He also mentors first-year students through the MedLINKS program.
Simon was President of the Innis Residence Council and Orientation week Coordinator for Innis College.
Escalante Menchaca, Octavio
Octavio is president of the Master of Information Student Council. He co-founded the Association for Information Systems student chapter at U of T.
Evans, Jenna Madeleine
Jenna was founding chair of the Health System Performance Research Network Fellows Caucus. She also volunteers with Girl Guides of Canada.
Elisabeth was President of the Mature Student Association, and involved with the Graduate Students Union Civics Committee.
Fernandes, Tresanne
Tresanne is an Alternative Reading Week participant and planning committee member for Green Dot Week.
Aidan was a Student member on the University of Toronto Governing Council, and Co-founder, Treasurer, and Vice-President of Israel on Cam...
Flynn, Peter
Peter is vice-president, student affairs and governance of the Students’ Law Society. He volunteered as a peer mentor and sat on several committees.
Fong, Terence
Terence is a former president of the Graduate Business Council and is a member of the Rotman Finance Association.
Forizs, Virag
Virag, president of the English Language Learning Student Association since 2011, was also an executive member of the University of Toronto C...
Frias, Lori
Lori was a speaker for the Mature Students’ Association and worked as production coordinator for the VOX, the college’s anthology of student writing.
Furmli, Hossai
Hossai was vice-president of both the Biology Students Association and Students of Sociology Departmental Students Association.
Galang, Carl Michael
Carl Michael is chairman of the St. George Roundtable and former president of the University College Literary & Athletic Society.
Gamponia, Stephanie
Stephanie, co-president of the Faculty of Music Undergraduate Association, coordinated the 2012–13 orientation week for first-year students.
Garzon, Laura
Laura volunteered for the Light the Night anti-violence initiative. She served as vice-president of the Undergraduate Economics Council.
Gershon, Amir Yoav
Amir, president of the Student Teachers’ Union, sat on a number of OISE committees.
Jamila led an education and outreach program for the Community Wellness Centre of Hamilton. She is a group facilitator for the Arab Women’s League.
Benjamin served on the Arts and Science Student Union’s Elections Appeals Board and its Budget Review Committee. He is also vice-president communicat...
Gnocato, Kathleen Elizabeth
Kathleen, president of the Master of Global Affairs Student Association, was co-chair of Munk School Career Week and an interviewer for the G...
Manasvin is president of the Hart House Debating Club and has volunteered with the Calgary Immigrant Education Society.
Groysman, Valerie
Valerie is treasurer of the Graduate Student Association and has volunteered at the Yorktown Child and Family Services Centre.
Guna, Alina-Ioana
Alina, co-president of the Neuroscience Association for Undergraduate Students, was a peer research mentor in the Department of Psychology. S...
Harbin, Scott
Scott, former vice-president of the Faculty of Music Undergraduate Association, co-founded the Concurrent Teacher Education Program’s French club.
Hartley, Nicole
Nicole helped to organize and promote the UTM Arts Festival. She encouraged sports participation as an ambassador to the Colman Cup.
Hassard, Ashley
Ashley is vice-president of the Child Study Student Council and chair of the Applied Psychology and Human Development Students’ Association.
Herbert, Jacqui
Jacqui served as the events director and social director of the Undergraduate Pharmacy Society. She also volunteered with the student-run IMAGINE Cli...
Hickling, Andrea Elizabeth
Andrea, co-president of the Occuational Therapy and Physical Therapy Student Association, completed a placement at a hospital in Tanzania.
Ho , Larissa Fleurette
Larissa is editor of the UTM literary journal Mindwaves. She also served as vice-president of the Sociology and Criminology Society.
Hoffmann, Vanessa
Vanessa, a member of the Innis College Council, is co-founder of the University of Toronto Chapter of the World Food Programme.
Hogendoorn, Christopher
Christopher held posts in the Trinity College Literary Institute and the Trinity College Historical Society.
Holla, Victoria
Victoria is the community nutrition representative to the Public Health Students’ Association.
Hua, Kylene
Kylene is social director of the Graduate Nurses Student Society.
Huang, Johnny
Johnny, vice-president of the Undergraduate Physiology Students’ Association, was actively involved in buddy programs and ran exam help sessions for ...
Hughes, Greg
Greg has written for Informed, the iSchool alumni magazine. He also designed a popular mobile app for the school.
Hung, Jaymon
Jaymon served on the Management & Economics Students’ Association. He also coaches co-op students on how to find placements.
Emilia served as health and sustainability officer for the Graduate Architecture, Landscape, and Design Student Union. She was the featured s...
Ijaz, Sofia
Sofia was editor-in-chief of Rights Review. She also mentored low-income students in the LSAT preparatory program.
Anthony was vice-president of academics for the Kinesiology & Physical Education Undergraduate Association and is a coordinator for the Bodies of Kno...
Ip, Wilfred
Wilfred established the U of T chapter of the Canadian Diabetes Association. He is captain of the Varsity Blues squash team.
Benjamin, vice-president social affairs of the Students’ Law Society, is co-founder of the Walk a Day in Her Shoes fundraising event.
Israr, Sarah
Sarah volunteered on the TEDxUofTMississauga team. She served on the Department of Management’s advisory board.
Iyer, Natasha
Natasha is an executive member of the IMAGINE Clinic. She was also pharmacy representative to the U of T chapter of IHI Open School.
Janossy, Hanna
Hanna, past president of the Women in Science and Engineering, launched Schooled 4 Skule, a tutoring service for high-school students.
Jiang, Megan
Megan served the Rotman Commerce Finance Association in many roles, including president.
Joarder, Bushra
Bushra served on the board of directors of the UTSC Women’s Centre and as vice-president of UNICEF UTSC.
Johnstone, Maia
Maia is co-secretary of the Hart House Social Justice Committee and a member of the Centre for Community Partnerships.
Joyce, Francesca Annabel
Francesca is a past manager of Café 059. She also curated the Annual Student Exhibition in 2012 and the Global Architecture Student Exhibition in 2011.
Kancir, Jesse
Jesse is president of the Canadian Federation of Medical Students and founding director of the Working Group on Medical Humanities.
Kara, Denise
Denise, editor-in-chief of the Innis Review, was social media vice-president of Leave Out Violence Everywhere.
Kaur, Anmol
Anmol is founder of the Spark Design Club and was an Innis College residence don.
Kawar, Nada
Nada was 2012 orientation co-chair for the Bachelor of Arts Architectural Studies Society. She also worked for a year as the society's financial offi...
Khan, Tahsin
Tahsin served as co-director of the Earth Tones Benefit Concert in 2013, which raised more than $12,000 for international children’s charities. He al...
Sarah volunteered with the Human Biology Students’ Union, the Woodsworth Environment Team, and Friends of Médicins sans Frontières.
Kinnon, Emily Ruth
Emily Ruth is director of Vivace and worship leader at Little Trinity Anglican Church.
Kis, Olena
Olena was treasurer and president of the Pharmaceutical Sciences Graduate Student Association. She is also a co-founder of the Student HIV Research N...
Kohno, Elise
Elise is a senior mentor with Accessibility Services’ Peer Mentorship Program and has tutored youth in positive conflict resolution skills.
Kumar, Nishi
Nishi was president of the University College Literary & Athletic Society and a UC orientation leader.
Kupfer, Stephen
Stephen is an ambassador to the Victoria College Athletic Association and a member of its executive committee.
Kushner, Rivka
Rivka, co-president of the Public Health Students’ Association, also served as a Graduate Students’ Union representative.
Kutob, Kazem
Kazem is senior vice-president of the You’re Next Career Network and former vice-president of the Industrial Engineering Club.
Lam, Kevin
Kevin was musical director for the Skule Night Orchestra this year. He also played a leadership role in a number of other music groups within the Fac...
Lam, Jeffrey
Jeffrey, president of the Dental Students’ Society, led a fundraising campaign for the dental clinic at Princess Margaret Hospital.
Lau, Joshua
Joshua encouraged interfaith dialogue and organized events through the Power to Change group.
Lau, Sammy
Sammy sat on the University Affairs Board of Trinity College and served as secretary general of the North American Model United Nations conference.
Mimi is a member of the Let’s Talk Health advocacy group. She started Vivace, a community music outreach organization.
Liu, Celina
Celina is president of the St. George chapter of the Heart and Stroke Foundation and a volunteer at the Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital.
Liu, Lanqian (Mary)
Mary was a First-Year Learning Community peer mentor and a Sunnybrook Hospital sports medicine clinic volunteer.
Lun, Olivia Oi Ying
Olivia is a former president of the Environmental and Physical Sciences Students’ Association. She organized social events promoting faculty-student ...
Luo, Shen Qi (Ricky)
Ricky co-founded Talent and Growth Services, a competition preparation program, and was president of the UTSC chapter of DECA, an interna...
Ma, Kelly
Kelly served as president of the International Student Ministry. She also volunteered as an art counsellor for youth with mental health challenges.
MacEachern, Spencer
Spencer founded the Drama Coalition Awards and worked on Hart House Theatre’s audience development program.
Mackness, Gudrun
Gudrun is president of the St. George campus chapter of the Council for Exceptional Children and a student council member of the Dr. Eric Jackman Ins...
Madrazo, Lorenzo
Lorenzo, co-president of the Faculty of Music Undergraduate Association, volunteers at the Regent Park School of Music.
Mahmood, Saad
Saad helped to create the multi-faith space at Robarts Library and organized Friday prayers through the Muslim Students’ Association.
Manicom, Daniel
Daniel is president of the Rotman Management Consulting Association and a statistics tutor.
Mansur, Ann
Ann was the lay pastoral visitor for Princess Margaret Hospital and policy officer for the Ontario Student Trustees Association.
Marzario, Barbara
Barbara is president of the Canadian Blood Services Youth Committee and treasurer of the Italian Undergraduate Students’ Cultural Association.
Robert served as a House Council president and Frosh Leader at St. Michael’s. He also founded the College’s debating club.
Tara served as co-artistic director of ART-SIDE-OUT, an interdisciplinary arts festival. She was also treasurer of the Arts, Culture, and...
McDonell, Grace
Grace founded a student mentorship program at Victoria College and is also captain of the Victoria womens ice hockey team.
Meng, Howard
Howard is a member of the Undergraduate Medical Education Curriculum Committee and associate editor of Toronto Notes.
Milić, Saša
Saša is an executive member of the Computer Science Students’ Union and the Undergraduate AI Group. She is also First-Year Liasison for the Undergra...
Samia co-founded UNICEF at UTM and is co-president of Lifeline, UTM’s blood and stem cell society.
Molyneaux, Heather
Heather is the 2014 Speech-Language Pathology class co-president and editor of the class yearbook.
Moncada, Leah
Leah served as co-manager of Caffiends, Victoria’s green café. She also organized the annual Bob Sketch Comedy Revue.
Moore, Kimberley
Kimberley is an ambassador for the IMANI Mentorship Program and events coordinator for the Jamaican Canadian Student Affiliation.
Mylabathula, Sandhya
Sandhya is the founder of the Spread the Net malaria awareness group at U of T, as well as graduate liaison for the U of T chapter of the Canadia...
Nagarajan, Shilpa
Shilpa was a mentor in the Human Biology Mentorship Program at St. Michael’s College, and the Sponsorship Coordinator for UT International Health Pro...
Ng, Alisha
Alisha is a graduating-year representative on the New College Student Council. She has also volunteered on the Residence Council.
Noble, Meagan
Meagan served as the athletic and recreation representative of the Nursing Undergraduate Society, as well as head coordinator of the Nursing Games.
Novoselac, Andrew
Andrew was a Residence Don at Innis and the founding member of the Innis College Leadership Committee.
O'Brien, Anthony
Anthony was president of the Kinesiology & Physical Education Undergraduate Association. His contributions to the faculty helped many students transi...
Ouyang, Huan
Helen was on the executive of U of T UNICEF and ran the University of Toronto Consulting Association Business Case Competition.
Patel, Tasnim
Tasnim is president of the Student Association of Geography and Environment and a Department of Geography student representative.
Pegoraro, Diana
Diana, a former president of the Undergraduate Sociology Students’ Union, was co-founder and editor-in-chief of Society and Its Transformations, the ...
Pham, Kim
Kim was the Professional Development Co-Chair for the Master of Information Student Council and Co-Founder and President of the Association for Infor...
Picard-Ami, Alberto
Alberto is president of the Nspire Innovation Network. He is also chair of the National Business and Technology Conference, the largest student e...
Popplewell, Felicia
Felicia volunteered with the English conversation program and the Newcomer Centre of Peel’s Youth Connections.
Qidwai, Sarah
Sarah was a First-Year Learning Community mentor and co-president of the U of T chapter of Take Action!
Qin, Daisy
Daisy served as two-time co-president of the English Students’ Union. She is also a member of Governing Council.
Qu, Linda Chang
Linda served on the Hancock Lecture Student Advisory Committee and was director of events for the Pre-Medical Society.
Beth is co-founder of the Graduate Student Alliance for Global Health. She also organized the Make World Change seminar for undergraduates.
Rajendram, Rageen
Rageen, president of the Institute of Medical Science Students’ Association, was co-chair of the 2013 TEDMED day.
Ranjit, Anurag
Anurag was a New College orientation leader and volunteered with the University of Toronto Culinary Arts Club.
Rasiah, Rakhulan
Rakhulan was a 2013 UTSC orientation leader and a Department of Management Fall Campus Day volunteer.
Raso, Filippo
Filippo founded C3 Inspire, a group connecting students to entrepreneurs in the community, and led the I Have a Right campaign for the Scarbo...
Ratra, Vasmeen
Vasmeen volunteered hundreds of on-call hours as a medical first-responder and served as a Let’s Talk Science student instructor.
Raza, Sheharyar
Sheharyar was a leader of TEDxUTSC and is developing digital resources for the Health & Wellness Centre at University of Toronto Scarbrough.
Elizabeth is president of the Music Graduate Students’ Association and former music mentor at the Karen Kain School of the Arts.
Douglas served as secretary and president of the Graduate Architecture, Landscape, and Design Student Union. He also tutored graduate and und...
Ronquillo, Angelica Marie
Angelica was a member of the New College Student Council for two years. She was also a mentor for the college’s Big Brothers and Big Sisters program.
Ronsley, Rebecca
Rebecca was co-director of the Women in Medicine mentor group and served for two years as a class representative on the Faculty of Medicine’s Pre-cle...
Sandhu, Danielle
Danielle is founder and chair of the Tri-campus Coalition on Governance and a member of the Graduate Students’ Union.
Stephanie was chair of the Factor-Inwentash social justice committee and class representative on the Faculty Council.
Sawyer, Spencer
Spencer volunteered with the Sexual Education Centre and founded Feminist Engagement with Men and Masculinities, a group that brings people toget...
Schmidt, Lucy
Lucy was a coordinator for the Out of the Cold program. She also volunteers with Intercordia Canada.
Sepiashvili, Lusia
Lusia, president of the Life Sciences Career Development Society, was a member of the Medical Biophysics Graduate Student Association and the Graduat...
Aria was a mentor for programs at Woodworth, Innis, and University Colleges. He also co-founded two campus groups, the Iranian Life Science Students’...
Shaw, Kyle
Kyle founded the Dentistry Research Journal Club and served as co-chair of Sharing Smiles Day.
Sidani, Said
Said was a mentor with the Concurrent Teacher Education Society and volunteer with the Colman Cup sporting events.
Siewrattan, Kriya
Kriya is president of Campus Health Initiative and a member of the Kinesiology and Physical Education Equity Movement team.
Silvestri, Giacomo
Giacomo, vice-president of the Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy Student Association, volunteered as a therapist for the Toronto Furies team ...
Simardone, Camille
Camille served as co-chair of the Be the Change Diversity Task Force and was a key organizer of Movember events and fundraisers at UTM for the past t...
Sivapatham, Gabilan
Gabilan volunteered with U of T Peer Tutoring and the U of T International Health Program. He is also a founding member of the St. James Town Youth C...
Smith, Rhys Timothy
Rhys was president of the Woodsworth College Students’ Association and served as captain of U of T’s table tennis team.
Kathleen, the education and outreach chair of the Hart House Art Committee, helped to create a complete inventory of the permanent collection.
Stavros, Gabriel
Gabriel is vice-president of the Engineering Society. As drum major of the Lady Godiva Memorial Band, he coordinated engineering participation in...
Stefanidis, Maria
Maria is president of the Innis College Student Society and student services chair of the Innis College Council.
Brendan, president of the Students’ Law Society, has volunteered for both Out in Law and Justice for Children and Youth.
Stewart, Tiffany
Tiffany is student activities officer for the Graduate Student Association and student representative for the Boundless campaign.
Sultana, Anjum
Anjum is founder and chair of the Population Health and Policy Conference and the “Toronto Thinks” Global Health Case Competition.
Sun, Christopher
Christopher was the Engineering Science Discipline Club’s Chair and Captain of the Skule-B Co-ed Volleyball team.
Sung, Chowon
Chowon started a tutoring program for North Korean refugees and worked as promotion manager for the Hart House Jazz Choir.
Tamam, Shlomi
Shlomi was class president for three years and volunteered with Oral Health, Total Health.
Tan, Rachel
Rachel served as vice-president of finance for the UTM Residence Council. She also promoted sustainable farming with the Community Environmental Alli...
Mahsima has volunteered with the University of Toronto Students’ Union for the past five years. She founded Powerful Minds at U of T, a group that ad...
Tian, Shawn (Xiao Xi)
Shawn was president of the Arts and Science Students’ Union for three years. He was also a UC orientation leader and served on the Faculty of Arts an...
Fiona is co-chair of the NSight Mentorship Program and vice-president of Women in Science and Engineering.
Tran, Fiona Faang-Yu
Fiona is co-chair of the NSight Mentorship Program and vice-president of Women in Science and Engineering.
Tran, Judy
Judy was secretary of the Immunology Students’ Association and mentorship program coordinator of the Victoria International Student Association.
Troina, Christina
Christina was a part of the Rotman Commerce Accounting Society for the past four years. She also co-founded Inspire SMC, a St. Mike’s initiative fost...
Variawa, Chirag
Chirag, a two-term member of Governing Council, served on many committees and was vice-president of the University Affairs Board.
Vasyliw, Hailey
Hailey, president of Rotman Commerce Women in Business, represented Rotman Commerce at various international events. She also volunteers with...
Vigouroux, Robin
Robin served on the executive of the Brain Day Association of U of T and as communications director of the Life Sciences Career Development Society.
Wai, Amanda
Amanda is co-president of the University of Toronto Consulting Association and past president of the Volunteer Consulting Group.
Wang, Marina
Marina served the University of Toronto Peer Tutoring organization in several roles, including president.
Wang, Guoxuan (Trevor)
Trevor is president of the Cinema Studies Student Union and co-president of the InSIGHT mentorship program at Innis College.
Wang, Sarah Danruo
Sarah, editor-in-chief of the Attaché Journal of International Affairs, was actively involved in the International Relations Society and the G8 Resea...
Warnica, William
William, the representative for Innis College on the UTSU Board of Directors, acted as sustainability commissioneer in 2013 and speardheaded ...
Wilkes, Kate Hale
Kate was vice-president of the University College Literary & Athletic Society and a UC orientation leader.
Wilton, Julia
Julia is co-president of the Peace, Conflict and Justice Society and is also active with a number of other NGOs such as Free the Children and Can...
Xie, Betty
Betty co-founded the Indepth conference on contemporary Asian issues. She was also president of the Contemporary Asian Studies Student Union, and...
Rachel is a facilitator for religious diversity. She is a member of the University of Toronto International Environmental Studio and founder of Veg C...
Yu, Emiry
Emiry, secretary of the Hart House Finance Committee, was also director of events for the Rotman Finance Association.
Yu, Alice
Alice volunteered with the Robert Gillespie Academic Skills Centre and is a programming assistant for the UTM Department of Student Life.
Zhang, Bo
Bo, president of the Engineering Athletics Association, was involved with the Chemical Engineering Ambassadors and other development clubs.
Zhang, Victor
Victor, president of the You’re Next Career Network, is a former manager of the SKULE engineering bookstore.

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